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Closing Ceremony

webb2011 World Amateur Chess Championship's closing ceremony ended with memorable moments in Kemer - Antalya. Askin Keles, the board member of Turkish Chess Federation, made his speech before award ceremony. In his speech Keles noted: "From the name of Turkish Chess Federation and FIDE, we would like to thank you for your participation and hope to see you again in another organizations in our country". He also presented the appreciation plaquette to the chief arbiter Mr. Guran Unal for the memory of the championship. The board member of Turkish Chess Federation, Ahmet Arda Kilic presented women awards. Dr. Olgun Kulac, board member of Turkish Chess Federation, awarded the players in general category with cups, medals and checks. The prize fund of championship was 10.000 € and the winner of the tournament received 2000 €.


Askin Keles is giving his speech


The chief arbiter Guran Unal receives his plaquette from Askin Keles


2nd place Apurva Virkud - Champion Anu Bayar - 3rd place Bayona Karin Silvana


During the national anthem of Mongolia


2nd place Timur Ozdemir - Champion Sumiya Bilguun - 3rd place Dager Alvarez


14 year old World Amateur Champion


Colombian Team after the closing ceremony


Cagatay Korkuc, Ahmet Uctu, Yucel Yıldırım, Ali Abbas, Engin Deniz Alev, Guran Unal

Arbiters of the championship

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